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Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men?

August 31, 2009

There are quite a few who know besides the Shadow but unfortunately none of them are allowed to talk publicly about it. Instead we are treated to the idiots on CNBC telling us what a bang up job Ben Bernanke has been doing fixing the economy he broke, touting Goldman Sachs stock price as evidence even as another financial bubble is inflated on the backs of the taxpayers. Or we get the David Gregorys and George Stephanopouli of the world presenting the Grey Eminence with a weekly platform to laud the wonderful practice of beating the crap out of brown people with funny sounding names. Or maybe it’s Max Baucus explaining why we can’t have health care unless the insurance companies are allowed to bankrupt us first.

I could go on, but you probably get the point. The oligarchy who run this show are nothing but parasites on the rest of us who have to work for a living.

Anyhoo, the picture above was originally an illustration for a short story called The City Quiet as Death. Haven’t read it all yet – let me know if it’s any good. But I had to post something to get that giant green dragon off the top of the page since it was making me queasy. I prefer kalamari to caterpillars any day.

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  1. cometman permalink*
    August 31, 2009 11:04 am

    Here’s a headline from the NYT touting the profit the government has made from repaying bailout money – As Big Banks Repay Bailout Money, U.S. Sees a Profit.

    The profits, collected from eight of the biggest banks that have fully repaid their obligations to the government, come to about $4 billion, or the equivalent of about 15 percent annually, according to calculations compiled for The New York Times.

    Note that these figures weren’t compiled by the NYT, but for the NYT and that little preposition is the difference between what the banks want you to believe and the actual truth. The government isn’t getting a 15% return because the debt isn’t a year old. Kind of like how my line of credit is 14% annually but if I repay $100 in a few days I end up paying pennies instead of $14.

    Michael Hudson further explains the sleight of hand used with the lies, damned lies and statistics in this audio interview with KPFA. Basically by repaying the money now they are off the hook from having to pay a much larger amount later.

    It would be nice to know exactly how these banks are accounting for all this, but since it’s all done in secret and the public isn’t allowed to know I’m going to speculate a little bit. Based on reports I’ve seen over the last few months, these banks haven’t been using the money as it was intended to start lending again. There have been reports that they parked lots of the loot with the Fed. Meanwhile, the government ran some trumped up “stress tests” where the banks were allowed to review the reports before the public got to see them to make sure anything approaching the truth wouldn’t get out, and the banks were declared healthy and solvent. Surprise surprise. Pretty nice little scam – extort billions from the government, deposit it with the Fed where it earns interest, get a clean bill of health from the “stress tests”, repay the money with a pittance for the sucker taxpayers, pocket the difference for yourself, and start the whole scam all over again.

  2. cometman permalink*
    August 31, 2009 11:31 am

    Lanny Davis is an evil little troglodyte. Ran across this Democracy Now interview regarding the situation in Honduras and listening to Lanny was just infuriating. He starts off by accusing Amy Goodman of being an ideologue for calling a coup a coup and having the temerity to let her listeners know he is being paid by the business leaders who started it, and then armed with his one talking point he proceeds to repeat it over and over and over. When presented with facts he can’t refute, he ignores them and starts a shouting match with the other interviewee.

    Of course Lanny is definitely not an ideologue as he is willing to hold opposite opinions several times a day just as long as someone gives him a big enough paycheck.

  3. cometman permalink*
    August 31, 2009 12:42 pm

    Chris Hedges on the upcoming G-20 conference and the protests surrounding it – Go to Pittsburgh, Young Man, and Defy Your Empire.

    The struggle to thwart the voices of citizens will be as fierce as the struggle to amplify the voices of the criminal class that is trashing the world’s economy. These elites will appear from behind closed doors with their communiqués and resolutions to address us in their specialized jargon of power and expertise. They will attempt to convince us they have not lost control. They will make recommitments to free-trade agreements from the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, or GATT, the World Trade Organization and NAFTA, which have all thrust a knife into the backs of the working class. They will insist that the world can be managed and understood exclusively through their distorted lens of economics. But their day is over. They are the apostles of a dead system. They maintain power through fraud and force. Do not expect them to go without a struggle. But they have nothing left to say to us.

    Preach it, brother! Shout it from the rooftops.

  4. cometman permalink*
    September 1, 2009 11:41 am

    Bwaaahahahaha! Glenn Greenwald destroys Joke Line and the corporate media for about the 289479th time. When will these idiots learn that trying to bash Greenwald is a losing battle? My guess is never. He also has some nice words for the type of people who think hiring a Bush twin as a “reporter’ is a great idea.

    • triv33 permalink
      September 2, 2009 8:37 am

      C-man, you should really head on over to Joke Line’s whiny drivel at Swampland and read some of the comments! Number 26 was particularly good. I laughed and laughed. One commenter almost stuck up for poor Joke, the other couple of hundred, nay.

      • cometman permalink*
        September 3, 2009 11:44 am

        Ha! I just checked into the comments there again and there are over 200 of them and all that I saw were ripping him a new one.. #26 was really good! I thought this part from a reply to #6 summed up Joke Line nicely:

        Joe Kline is a vain, petty, supercilious fool personally, and a superficial, credulous and lazy.stenographer of a reporter professionally.

  5. cometman permalink*
    September 1, 2009 12:23 pm

    Great article putting the current actions of Bernanke and the Fed into historical perspective – The 19th Century Bernanke. It tells of Nicholas Biddle who was the head of the central bank that was the Fed’s predecessor and how Andrew Jackson fucked him up. Biddle warned of calamity if the bank’s authority were taken away and took steps to make that happen by handing out bribes and creating a panic, but Jackson held his ground, the economy recovered and the bank went the way of the dodo.

    Jackson was beset by petitioners suffering from the panic and legislators challenging the constitutionality of his action.

    He told his vice-president, “The Bank, Mr. Van Buren, is trying to kill me. But I will kill it.”

    Jackson was vindicated in standing his ground. Within months, the correction was over, economic growth resumed, and Biddle’s power was broken.

    In 1836, the Bank’s charter expired. It limped on for five more years as a nonfederal bank before finally going bankrupt. Four years after that, Biddle died at age 58.

    Like Ben Bernanke today, Nicholas Biddle cultivated the veneer of a benign civil servant calculating serenely far above the political fray. In reality he, like Bernanke, was up to his neck in the backroom game of power.


    When you hear about the Federal Reserve Transparency Act getting stalled in committee, think of Daniel Webster, bought and paid for with central bank money. When you read Fed apologia in the New York Times, The Economist, and the Wall Street Journal denouncing the “reckless populism” of the Act, think of the newspaper editors in Biddle’s pocket.

    Most of all, when you see Ben Bernanke on television, “respectfully” insisting upon the Fed’s independence and “gently” warning of the economic consequences of any restrictions upon it, think of Nicholas Biddle — an outwardly mild-mannered fellow who would wreck a whole nation’s prosperity in order to cling to power.

    I doubt Obama has the stones to take on the Fed – his every action so far has been to give them exactly what they want and more. If anyone is able to take the Fed down a peg or two today, my money is on Ron Paul.

    Definitely worth reading the entire article if for no other reason than to see that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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